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Friday April 1, 2022 NFBC Webinar on Title IV: Nutrition

Erin Parker, Director of the Indigenous Food and Agriculture Initiative led the sixth webinar in our Farm Bill series. Parker discussed Title IV of the Farm Bill, the nutrition title. Keep reading for an overview of Title IV, its importance to Indian Country, information about our next webinar, and the link to Parker's presentation slides.

For recordings of last Friday's webinar, check out our Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter pages.

Each Farm Bill has tried to improve feeding programs. These changes can include tightening or loosening eligibility requirements; improving program administration; tackling specific issues embedded within some or all of the programs; or adding new requirements in attempts to either diminish or increase the number of individuals who can utilize the programs.
Many of these changes are specifically tied to economic conditions in the country; other changes are undertaken as specific attempts to impose policy changes that would either restrict growth of the programs or tie program usage to social or economic situations that individual participants might face. Often the programs are amended to achieve nutrition goals, and many times the changes are tied to updates to the federal dietary guidelines which drive most, if not all, decisions made by USDA Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) concerning the reach and scope of these programs.
Tribal citizens appear throughout the participation portfolios of each of the discrete [federal] feeding programs, because Tribal citizens live throughout the country, not just on tribal lands.
A consistent, comprehensive, and tribal-led approach that is tailored to the needs of Indian Country is paramount.

Our next webinar covering Title VI of the Farm Bill, the credit title, will be livestreamed from our Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter pages on Friday, April 8th at 3 pm EST. We hope to see you there!

Nutrition Native Farm Bill Coalition 2023 Powerpoint
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