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Friday July 15, 2022 NFBC Webinar on Title XI: Crop Insurance

The Indigenous Food and Agriculture Initiative team led the twelfth webinar in our Farm Bill series, focusing on Title XI: Crop Insurance. To access a copy of the slide deck, learn a bit about the importance of crop insurance to Indian Country, and read when our next webinar is, keep scrolling.

To access the recording of our Crop Insurance webinar, please visit our Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter pages.

Agricultural risk management is critical for producers. Food production is inherently risky not only from the production standpoint, but also from legal, financial, marketing, labor, and regulatory standpoints. Managing these risks takes a lifetime of attention, focus, dedication, and assistance. For decades, Congress approached risk management in agriculture production through a few federally authorized programs, but primarily utilized targeted bills passed when disasters struck. After years of differing levels of engagement, Congress began moving toward a private sector-focused insurance risk management program and away from disaster-driven approaches to assisting producers.
Decades ago it could correctly be said that few options existed for most producers in terms of insurance coverage of risks associated with agricultural production, and most producers sought relief from Congress when disasters occurred. Crop insurance is an important tool of risk management and the products in place now must be examined to ensure they are suitable for tribal food production systems.

The final webinar in our Farm Bill overview series covering the Miscellaneous Title will be livestreamed from our Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter pages on Friday, July 29th at 3 pm ET. We hope to see you there!

Crop Insurance - Native Farm Bill Coalition 2023 Powerpoint
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