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NFBC Council Member Featured as Expert Voice in The Farm Report on Heritage Radio Network

January 31, 2024 - Heritage Radio Network

The Heritage Radio Network interviewed NFBC Council Member and IAC's Chief Legal & Policy Officer, Abi Fain, for a discussion on the 2024 Farm Bill and ongoing climate issues the ag community is facing. Read an overview of the interview:

Farmers are now dealing with the impacts of the climate crisis on a daily basis. Experts predict weather events including droughts and flooding will only get worse. Young and beginning farmers, especially BIPOC farmers, are feeling those impacts the most. Are there opportunities to advance water and climate action and justice through the 2024 Farm Bill?

We interview Abi Fain, Chief Legal and Policy Officer at the Intertribal Ag Council. And we talk to young farmers building solutions to address water access and climate issues. 

Guest Bio: Abi is citizen of the Choctaw Nation and an attorney who has devoted her career to tribal advocacy and protecting tribal sovereignty. The scope of Abi’s practice has ranged from representing tribes in federal litigation and advocating on behalf of tribes before members of Congress and federal agencies, to working with tribes on developing and implementing tribal codes and policies tailored to meet their needs and support their goals. Prior to practicing law, Abi worked for the Notah Begay III Foundation, where she worked on developing messaging around the correlation between food deserts in Indian Country and negative health outcomes among Native children.


Listen to the full interview by clicking the button below.



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